why i use the good stuff.

My friends laugh when I say “I’d rather break it than dust it”, but it’s no joke. I very honestly would rather sweep up shards of a gorgeous, antique ironstone platter decorated in the most sublime shades of orange and blue than keep it safely tucked away.

I’m not some glutton for punishment or careless diva. Here’s what I am …

I am a person who sees the art in the decorative arts. I want to buy, use and enjoy things without fear. I want to own things that matter to me and rid myself of things that don’t. I want objects in my home to conjure memories. I want my guests, be they family or friends, to know that they’re worthy of me making a fuss. I want my children to want these things some day because they remind them of me (and maybe that dinner I burned but plated beautifully). And above all, I want to live life knowing that each day is precious and not promised.

So yep. I am a person who serves my kiddo bacon every Saturday morning on a 150-year-old platter. Why wait? Bring out the good stuff!

Cheers! YBP // Elizabeth