wax on linen can be a real pain. or not!

If you believe in burning real candles (and we do!), wax happens. We use Root pure beeswax candles that are both smokeless and dripless, but no taper can stand up to a draft without making a little mess. So as a consequence of our love for real flame and the Houston climate that has our A/C units whirring nearly year-round, there are many occasions on which we need to remove wax drips from our linens. This can be a real pain. Or not!

We searched high and low—referenced old guard texts and the internet—and settled on freezing as the fastest, cheapest, safest way to remove wax from our linens. It’s really very simple.

1 // use a dull butter knife to chip off any large chunks

2 // place a bag of ice on top of any remaining wax build up and let sit for about 5 min

3 // use the trusty, old butter knife to chip off remaining wax

4 // et voila!


Important things to note:

1 // if size permits, you can pop the whole linen in the freezer and this technique works even better

2 // while freezing also kinda works on wax removal from metal surfaces, we think there’s a better way and will soon be sharing our preferred technique for making our candle holders good as new—stay tuned!

Cheers! YBP // Elizabeth