thank you!

UPDATED: We have now reached capacity for the holiday season, and we cannot accept any more orders. Thank you for your support and business. It’s been an honor to be part of your special events. With gratitude ~ Elizabeth

In October, I shared with you the news that it’s time for me to close the chapter on our rental program. Many of you reached out with wisdom, support and love. I was blown away and filled with gratitude! 💛 I began the process of collecting and organizing offers to purchase inventory items with the idea of closing deals in the new year. But the universe had a different plan! 💫 I am excited to announce that I’ve signed an agreement to sell our entire rental inventory, as well as our supplies. 💫 I cannot adequately express how happy I am that the collection will remain intact and fulfill its purpose from another home. 💛 It’s truly a dream scenario, and I look forward to introducing you to the buyers! ✨