put down the bandana and walk away slowly.

I’m a seventh generation Texan and proud of it! In these parts, this genealogical fact gives me bragging rights. It also basically makes me an expert on Bar-B-Q. Or BBQ. I’m flexible on the spelling but not the substance. I strongly prefer beef over pork. Sorry Southeastern friends – I find your pig pickin’ compelling but will chose slow smoked brisket any day. And, more to the YBP point, I humbly request – nay demand – that you consider alternatives to red checked tablecloths and bandana napkins.

Why? Simply put – we can do better! Texans are nothing if not resourceful. Take a cue from the YBP ladies … We found bolts of vintage French linen in Round Top, cut it, hemmed it and made mighty fine runners. We called up our friends at Farmhouse Pottery in Vermont to purchase lovely, handmade plates. From across the Atlantic, we imported easy, classic flatware in a yummy, vintage finish. And our very own Elizabeth Tigar pepped it up and finished it off with bright florals and sleek candlelight. Y’all it’s good! And it’s 100% Texan because people and things don’t have to start life here to be welcomed here. That’s the beauty of the Lone Star State and this table, set for our friends at The Union Gallery.

Cheers! YBP // Elizabeth

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