you may find yourself in unexpected places.

I believe that when presented with an interesting opportunity (a thread, if you will), I should follow it. Even if I don’t know immediately where it will go or how to use it, I usually find I can weave the thread into the fabric of my life in a rewarding, unexpected way. Following a thread is how I found myself standing in Chef Monica Pope’s Sparrow Cookshop talking about how we could help one another. Huh what?!

Monica is a Houston culinary legend for good reason. Happily, it turns out she’s also a really amazing human. She’s taken an interest in YBP, graciously offering her experience and sphere of influence to our fledging venture. As Monica perfects her new take on providing a curated catering experience, available in her Cookshop or the venue of your choice, YBP is there is let Monica focus on the food. We carefully select and set the tableware, whisking away the mess after the meal. I couldn’t have imagined such a collaboration right out of the gate, yet it’s happening … only because I followed a thread.

Cheers! YBP // Elizabeth

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