trying to raise them to rise to the occasion.

Your Butler’s Pantry is all about community, and community starts at home. Home is where we learn what’s really important and observe rituals that become the foundation of our lives. It’s where my love of entertaining began, which is something I hope to pass along to my children.

I also want to pass along the value of hard work, and so, our weekend schedule typically involves a trip to the warehouse to unpack, clean and organize inventory. Giving kids sharp tools and telling them to dig into boxes filled with beautiful merchandise carefully selected from around the world was a bit of a scary proposition at first. You may say there’s a reason that the words box cutter, fine china and kids are not typically found in the same sentence. But you know what? When given an important task, children feel valued and rise to the occasion. And they also know how to infuse the fun!

Cheers! YBP // Elizabeth